Moving? Save Money With These Decluttering Tips

Having a yard sale is a great way to sell some of the items and also make some cash to buy new items after you move.

When it’s time to move, the biggest question on everyone’s mind is,

How much will it cost?

Everyone wants to get the best moving quotes possible and nobody wants to pay a moving company more than they have to. But, being in the moving industry for over 10 years, I’ve seen more people than I’d like to do just that.

The reason?

Failing to declutter and getting rid of excess items that don’t need to be moved.

Having too much clutter around the house means too much stuff to move, hence a higher moving cost.

We all have the hoarding trait in us to some extent. Our garages and basements are full of old stuff that we don’t ever use, but are reluctant to throw away. Some things hold a certain emotional value but a lot of things are just sitting there because we never know when we might need it.

So if it’s time for you to move and you can relate to what I said above, you can save hundreds of dollars on your moving cost with these decluttering techniques.

Decluttering to make your moving less expensive

The rule of thumb when it comes to cluttering is: whatever item ends up in the moving truck should be worth the money you’re paying to move it. Because the more stuff you have, the more your moving cost will be. That’s just the basic formula for moving cost.

So how do you decide what’s clutter and what’s not?

Start with the garage or basement as that’s where most of the junk is stored in most of the houses. Go thru the entire house room by room and remember to leave your kitchen for the end. Setup 4 large boxes and label them, “Keep” “Donate” “Sell” and “Throw”

Pro Tip: Keep a label-maker or post-it notes with you for larger items while you go thru the house.

Give Away to Declutter

This is one of the best ways to declutter your home. It not only solves your problem, but in the process helps those that are in need. If you have stuff in your house that’s in good condition but you don’t use, consider donating it.

What items can be donated?

  • Old clothes or clothes that don’t fit anymore
  • Old or unused shoes
  • Children’s toys and books
  • Old school textbooks and equipment like calculators, laptops etc.
  • Furniture items
  • Kitchen and other household goods
  • Canned food

You can call and arrange a pickup or drop off to the nearest location of organizations like Salvation Army, Care Cycle, Dress for Success, Big Brother and Good Will.  There are also special charities that accept only certain types of items, like Toys for Tots for kids’ toys and Move for Hunger for excess canned food items.

If none of the above work, you can try The Free cycle Network or the Free Section on Craigslist to list your items. These are sites that are specifically designed to list items that you’d like for someone to pick up for free.

Sell to Declutter

Selling away items is another great way of getting rid of clutter and make some money while doing so. There will be a lot of things in your house that you just don’t want to take to the new house but also don’t want to throw away. For example, your living room set, or your bed or dining table. A lot of people want to redecorate and don’t want to take the older stuff. Selling such things could be the answer.

There are a number of ways you can sell your items.

  • Have a yard sale
  • List items on Craigslist
  • Use apps like OfferUp, Letgo or 5mile to sell your items

Selling not only declutters your house, but can also give you some funds that you can use to redecorate your new place.

Throw Away to Declutter

Any item that you can’t give away or sell, and that you don’t want to take to your new home, should end up in the ‘Throw Away’ pile. As you go thru the house you’ll come across a lot of items that are not in a condition to be used or donating. Items that are broken or damaged, toys that are outdated, clothes that are torn, old and bad shoes, damaged gadgets, tools, appliances and other items that are absolutely useless. There’s no point lugging them to your new home and paying the movers extra to move them.

Once you’re done with clearing and sorting, your home will be clutter free and in the end what you’ll be left with will be the important things that you need to take with with you. Things that are important to you and worth paying to be moved.

Bottom line

Sometimes decluttering isn’t as easy as it sounds, but if you want to save some money on your move, it’s the best way. We all get attached to our belongings – especially the ones that were gifted by someone we love or miss. But when it’s time to move, you should take a hard look at your living space and decide what is worth keeping and purge the rest.

About the Author:

Raj Kalra founded to simplify the moving process. He’s been in the moving industry for over 12 years and is passionate about building web applications that simplify people’s daily lives. He also writes and speaks extensively about topics ranging from entrepreneurship, lead generation and cost-saving guides and tips.


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