How to Brighten Up Your Home This Spring

How to Brighten Up Your Home This Spring

As spring arrives, it can feel very much like a time of renewal. The heavy snow and crispy brown leaves are finally beginning to go away as the sun shines more strongly and temperatures rise.

It seems wonderfully apt, then, for you to also give your home an aesthetically pleasing revamp during this time of year. Here are some ways of brightening your residence to make it visually fitting not only for spring, but also right through summer.

How Does Your Home Look from the Outside?

This is a question worth asking because spring could put you in the mood to invite more people to your abode – and, naturally, you will want it to make a good first impression on them.

Refreshing your home’s exterior look does not have to be particularly challenging; why not add new plants to a small lawn, as suggested on the Rightmove site? Meanwhile, if you suspect that your roof has issues, remember that free roof health checks can be carried out by roofers in Newcastle upon Tyne and many other cities and towns in the UK.

The Sun Doesn’t Always Just Shine on TV

Once you are back inside your primary residential building, don’t forget to throw open those windows and doors to allow Mother Nature’s idyllic scents to pour in.

Those smells, like those of freshly cut grass, can reinvigorate your mood. You should particularly try to let natural light bathe your home’s most used spaces, like the kitchen and living room.

Mother Nature is an Artist, too

Ever noticed how simply placing plants in your home can make it appear brighter? As suggested on the House Beautiful site, you could particularly place large statement leaves, like philodendron leaves and banana leaves, in vases to freshen up the room in a no-fuss manner.

You could also complement that foliage through adding nature-inspired art nonetheless crafted by human hands; think the likes of fern carvings and botanic prints.

The sun doesn’t always just shine on TV

Update Rooms by Adding Colorful Accessories

Small though they are, accessories can actually make a surprisingly big impact in various parts of your home. To better see this for yourself, try replacing any musty-looking tomes on your coffee table with more colourful books – and consider replacing various other pieces elsewhere…

It’s largely up to you which items you add to inject more colour into your home; however, accessories particularly worth considering include vibrant vases and gold-leaf pieces.

Give Your Home a Thorough Clean

No matter what items and fixtures you add to your home, they could brighten that residence to a surprisingly meagre extent if they haven’t been given a good clean for a while.

Indeed, even many existing parts of your home might have grown dingier during winter. After all, you could have spend much of that winter simply enjoying Christmas presents or throwing snowballs! Don’t forget to clean the windows, too; however, if you reckon they should be replaced, remember that Findley Roofing & Building can fit uPCV windows at various homes in the North East.


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