Easy Ways to Decorate Your Rental Duplex

Easy Ways to Decorate Your Rental Duplex

It is practical to buy a house instead of paying your landlord rental fees but if you are not yet ready to buy a house even a duplex, you have to make the most out of your space. Renting a duplex is cheaper compared to other apartments depending on the location and the size but generally, it is affordable.

There are many duplex properties out there with reputable builders like www.renovateplans.com.au. You just need to pick the right style or design for you. The design is a good feature but what is really inside matters the most. You have to remember that even though you are renting, you still deserve a space that works for you and appealing at the same time. You do not need to spend so much for decorating your small space. The trick here is to find things that can make a difference.

Here are some tips to decorate your rental duplex:

Maximize the area under your stairway

If you want more storage, you should think about the potential of the area under your stairway. Most of the time, this area is ignored but it has potential if you look closely. You can cleverly put drawers to add more storage.

Choose the right draperies

Your draperies can create an illusion of higher ceiling. You have to consider this because it can make a difference. Make sure that your rod is close to the ceiling roughly two inches below the molding.

Look for smart furniture pieces

To make the most out of space, there are many manufacturers now that consider smart furniture pieces. These furniture pieces can utilize the nooks and crannies. Smart furniture pieces are also dual in nature so you do not need more pieces around.

Utilize the mirrors

Mirrors are not a vanity project so do not be afraid to spend money. It will not be a waste especially that it can create an illusion of more space or room.

Pick a neutral palette

You can consider bold colors for small spaces. It can be cozy but in terms of creating a perfect feel, choose neutral palettes. The neutral palettes are more pleasing and relaxing.

Install a wall-mounted shelf

If you have a small kitchen area, you have to maximize it by installing a wall-mounted shelf. This shelf is a practical thing to keep off the supplies from plain sight but it is still within reach. You can add more function to the shelf by adding hooks to hang towels, tools, and potholders.  

There are many tricks that you can consider to make your space look bigger and more efficient. Do not be afraid to spend money because you are thinking that you are renting the space.  


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