Decorating a Small Bedroom in a Cool Theme


With more people living in bigger cities and urban areas, many are finding that the average size of home and apartment bedrooms are getting smaller. Smaller sized rooms demand that you make necessary adjustments so that everything fits into the room efficiently. Size may be something that you have had to sacrifice but that does not mean that you must sacrifice on style and comfort. There are many decor ideas from Vision Bedding that allow you to create a wonderful theme that adds creativity to your bedroom. This article will provide you with a few style suggestions to help you produce a cool theme in your room that you will absolutely love!

Setting the Stage

The first thing to know when working with a small space is that you must create the illusion of having more room than you have. It is often suggested that when choosing a paint color for your walls that you choose lighter colors as lighter tones reflect more sunlight making the room appear more spacious. Darker colors absorb light and create a more condensed look. If you are a fan of darker colors, consider using that color on only one of the walls as an accent. This will allow you to enjoy the dark color without overwhelming the look of the overall room. Another suggestion is to consider a more minimalist theme to your bedroom decor. Instead of crowding the room with many furniture pieces and accessories, go for furniture that has multiple uses and can be stowed away easily. Making the best use of space is the priority when producing a theme for a small room.

Choosing the Coolest Bed

A great way to make use of small space is to purchase a custom bed. Vertical wall mounted beds are a perfect option as they allow your bed to be concealed away into the wall when it is not in use. On most vertical wall mounted beds, there are bookshelves along the sides of the bed where you can store books and decorative items that fit with your overall theme. Others have a couch that comes out when the bed is stored away so that you can still have sitting space. Another option for a bed is the loft style bed. A loft style bed had space underneath the bed that can be used as a home office, a sitting area with a television or even designed as extra closet space. A traditional bedding option for a small bedroom is the futon. A futon can double as a couch allowing you sitting space when your bed is not in use. Choosing the right kind of bed for your room is another part of setting the right stage so that you can make full use of the chosen theme in your bedroom decor.

Space and Sky Theme

The Space and Sky Theme

An outer space or sky theme is a fun theme to consider when you are working with a small space. To achieve this look, you can begin by painting the walls a neutral color like off-white or a lighter blue (to represent the sky) while painting the ceiling black. Using glow in the dark paint (and a high ladder), you can make small stars across the ceiling. You don’t need great painting ability to create stars as varying sized dots will create the look of outer space quite easily. Larger circles can represent planets and a shooting blur will represent the asteroids and meteors of space. If you are not keen on painting, you can purchase glow in the dark planetary decal stickers that can be placed on the ceiling. This theme will give your eyes something mystical to feast upon as you fall asleep for the night. If you are a Star Wars or Star Trek fan, you can decorate your bedroom shelving with paraphernalia, toys and action figures from the movies or series. These kinds of items are easily found online or in novelty stores. A spaced themed bedroom is a simple yet cool idea that will add a universal awe to your smaller sized bedroom.

The Abstract Art Theme

The Abstract Art Theme

A great way to show off your creativity and sense of style is to design your bedroom in an abstract art theme. The abstract art decor works with straight lines, shapes and bright colors to create an amazingly unique look. An example of abstract art in a modern sense is the artwork produced by Andy Warhol. He was great at presenting an abstract appearance over mundane items through the use of bold colors and defined lines in his pieces. Featuring prints of his abstract artwork on your walls would bring a huge burst of color to your bedroom. An abstract bedroom would be bold in its color choices using a lot of oranges, yellows and reds. If you do not want to paint your room in these colors, you can use them in accent pieces like the rug, curtains or bedding to make parts of the room pop out in a stylish and energetic fashion. The use of abstract art pieces and bold colors would accomplish a chic and stylish abstract theme that will give your room the coolest look!
The Urban Theme

The Urban Theme

Another cool way to decorate your small bedroom is with an urban theme. An urban decor captures the heart of the big city. A fun way to begin this theme is to choose a wall paper that is designed to resemble graffiti. You can accent one dedicated wall with the graffiti wallpaper so that the appearance is not too overwhelming for a small space. Another option for a wall paper design is one resembling a brick wall to create that urban, city look. On your walls, hang street signs and signs that are typically found in subways to add extra detail to your decor. On the walls that do not have the graffiti wall paper, you can hang a framed painting or print photo of skyscrapers or the skyline of your favorite large city. The furniture in your room can take a darker tone, dark brown to black, to match the energy of the urban atmosphere. Another fun idea is to purchase lockers to place in your bedroom instead of an armoire or dresser. An urban setting has so many trendy style options for decorating your small bedroom.

Creating a cool theme for a smaller sized bedroom is easier and more fun than you have imagined. Check out this video for ideas on how you can decorate your bedroom in a glam style that you will completely adore:


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