Types and Tips to Consider For Plantation Shutters

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Plantation shutters are an ideal option if you are considering giving your home a different and unique look. Generally, all types of plantation shutter easily complement with your furniture and give a more aesthetic and appealing edge to your home decor. There are various materials which are used to make these shutter blinds and if purchased from the right place, it will last longer than any other blinds available, will be feasible as well as environment friendly. It is a superb way to keep sunlight and unwanted external factors out of your house.

Choosing the right plantation shutter for your home can be a daunting task if you barely have any knowledge about it. That is why, research is always advisable as it goes a long way. You can also refer some recommendations from friends and family to gather some information so that you know what you are looking for exactly. With a wide ocean of choices, you need to have firm decision of what type and kind of shutter would be apt for your household decor. Factors like the material it is made of, the colour, cost, type and joints along with the shutters are something to consider about before you set your heart on the blinds and decide to purchase.

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Thus, before making any hasty decision, first you should know about the main three types of materials used to make these plantation shutters:

  • Hardwood – Plantation shutters made up of this material are very popular and commonly available with every store. They are preferable mainly because they are durable, can withstand change in seasons, less exposed to wear and tear and do not require any high maintenance. But with additional factors comes the additional cost, and these type of blinds are quite expensive and not suitable for people who are following a strict budget.
  • Vinyl – The blinds made up of this material are very common among households as they possess all the qualities which are quite similar to those qualities of hardwood plantation shutter. And on top of that, sometimes, they can be managed at affordable prices as well. The one thing which gives these type of material and extra edge is that the colour doesn’t easily fade away and they do not develop cracks quite often.
  • Basswood – This material is not very common but quite preferable by the people. It is a different kind of material used to make plantation shutter which are affordable and resistant to warp, mainly because of its ability to restrain grains and stain. You can modify it by changing its colour according to your needs. However, they are not very adjustable with the changing weather and are a little more prone to wear and tear. Thus, they might require a proper and processed maintenance but they still do enhance the interiors of your household.

There are many more unique materials out of which these plantation shutters can be carved out of. After browsing through what you need, you can prefer your local shop store or get plantation shutters done by a manufacturer. You might also want to compare the prices just to make sure that nobody make a fool out of you. You may consider negotiations in case the prices are too high. Generally, the manufactures or shopkeepers cave to your demands because they would not want to lose their customers. Since those shutters would be under the sun, you should know that the blinds you are getting are UV stabilized and are not prone to any other related damage. After all, it is a onetime investment which is supposed to last for a long period of time.


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