Smart Ideas to Keep Your Family Safe from Intruders 24/7

home security audit

Providing one’s family a safe and protected house to sleep in at night is among the hundreds of valuable gifts a parent can give. However, with the alarming number of house incidents happening nowadays due to thieves, maintaining the home’s security high so no intruders can breach 24/7 is becoming difficult.

Even so, there are still smart ways to defeat thieves from causing unlawful scenarios and incidents that may hurt the entire family. But, to ensure a high-quality safety, you have to evaluate your house security first, so you know the weak points of that house you need to upgrade. If you are among the many parents worried about your family’s safety, below are a few smart ways to prevent dangerous people from causing any harm, especially at night.

1. Get a Pet Dog or Put Up a “Beware of Dog” Sign in Your Entrance

Dogs are lovely creatures everyone loves. However, dog’s instinct to bark when there is someone who for them is a stranger is one excellent way to alarm you and the whole family. It may be an old-school way to prevent thieves; still, it can help you to immediately check if someone is lurking and wandering around your house entrance. But if having a pet does not fit, putting up a sign that says “beware of dog” is an excellent way to scare off the thieves.

2. Keep Every Entrance Locked, Especially at Night

Thieves will always find a way to break into your house, and nobody wants that to happen. To avoid such distressing scenario, make sure that every entrance– from the gate to garage to the backdoor— is locked up. Moreover, anything that is open seems like an invitation for intruders. So always remember to keep your windows firmly locked. Place a piece of metal rod or a little cut of plywood in the track if you have a sliding window to stop the thieves from opening it.

3. Consider Using Motion-Sensor Lights

Leaving your lights outside the house on is one of the many conventional ways people do to keep burglars away. However, intruders are smart now that they don’t buy it. To heighten your home’s security, consider installing motion-sensor lights. Apart from it will surely surprise anyone who wants to break into your house and run away, it can also aid you and your family when coming home late at night. Take note that you need to install it in front, back, and all sides of the house to monitor any movement all around your property securely.

4. Site Inspection

Another great way to detect if there is something harmful near your home is to look around the place. Take notes of unusual and ‘things that look wrong’ that must be watched over. It could also help you in figuring out things if something happens.

5. Do not Post All Your Vacation Plans on Social Media

Although everyone knows how bad social media is today, sometimes, due to desire to let people know you are going on a trip, posting information on any social platform especially Facebook seems unavoidable. However, a report says that burglars use the data they acquire from Facebook in plotting when they should do the act. So to keep your house safe even you and your family are on a trip, don’t publicly post information about it.

Keeping your family safe at night and 24/7 is a meticulous and challenging job to do. Though there are several proven traditional and modern ways to prevent burglars from harming your family, frequently performing a home security audit in your home is still the most reliable method to ensure the protection you provide for your entire family is tight.


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