Safety Tips to Follow When You Have Gone to Scaffold Hire

Scaffolding Hire

Competence is the keyword if you plan to go for scaffold hire and you should be able to identify possible hazards in your surroundings and be authorized to take measures to knock them out. On the other hand, as a qualified person, you would have the professional ability which is demonstrated in resolving problems related to the work. Get retrained if required.

What Should You Concentrate On?

When you are going to scaffold hire, there are certain things that you must keep in mind. Here are certain tips to help you out.

Identifying Hazards

Even before the work begins you need to discern the possible hazards and plan solutions in case they occur. Have a game plan in place to tackle hazards before setting up the scaffolding.  

Pace of Work

The pressure to finish a project on time and within budget can never come by compromising on safety. Invest in procedures and equipment to keep to time frames and budget as well as remain safe.

Be Organized

Keeping the tools, you require organized to prevent them from falling off will make it easier and safer for the workers to move around the scaffolding while working.  

Get A Professional

When you have gone to scaffold hire ensure professional checking even before the work on a site has begun.   

Review the Site

Do not assume that the safety measures taken will last forever. Keep reviewing throughout the entire

span of the project. Complacency can be dangerous.


Make sure

There are certain do’s and don’ts you should strictly adhere to if you go for scaffold hire. The checklist below will help you work safely.

  • When the work shift begins you need to make sure that someone who is proficient has scrutinized and assessed the safety of the scaffold.
  • Equip yourself with a pair of hardy, non-skid boots and a hard hat.
  • Be alert to careless and improper activities from your co-workers and report to your supervisor if you are uncomfortable. It is always better to be safe than sorry.
  • Use a fall protection system and ensure that it is working fine. Make sure that the system is fixed to a point from where you will have a free fall of not more than six feet.
  • Though a scaffold can carry four times the load intended it is best to be informed about the intended load and not to overload it.
  • If you cannot reach the area you have to work on, do not use anything to raise the height. Get the platform raised to the required height.
  • Check for missing components before you start work. If there is mud, snow or ice on the planking, do not walk on it before all the debris is removed. Preferably stop working in adverse weather conditions.
  • Access the platform by a fixed ladder or other means intended for climbing. On no account attempt to climb by any other means and holding tools.
  • When going to scaffold hire you must make sure that all employees are trained by competent persons.
  • You need to ensure that the attachments are secure and will not loosen in case of strong winds or snow.
  • Strictly follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when you install the scaffolding. Do not use components from various manufacturers.
  • Use proper toe boards and guard rails.
  • Do not use scaffolds as storage platforms or move them when in use.

With all these tips to follow to ensure safety when you go to scaffold hire, you can now work in peace. If a little bit of observation and professionalism keeps you safe it is best to ensure it.


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