Plywood or Solid Wood Cabinets – This Blog Will Help You Take the Right Decision!

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Did you recently shift to your new apartment situated in Minneapolis, USA? If yes, then firstly, I would like to congratulate you with all my heart as this is a great place to stay at. But, have you decorated or designed the interior of your house? What? You don’t have ample money in bank to splurge on decorating the apartment’s interior? Well then, there’s one suggestion for you; why don’t you pick one room at a time and decorate/design it? Trust me, this is going to save a lot of money. So, decide which room would you pick for “mission designing” at first, is it the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, study or the drawing space? Can’t decide? Well then, let me help you in this matter. If you ask me, which room should be designed the first, then I would say it has to be the kitchen; after all, it’s the “heart of the house”.

Thinking what kinds of things do you need to purchase for your kitchen, right? Well, since you are already going through a money crunch, I would suggest you to buy only two elements. One is all the essential kitchen light fixtures such as the ceiling lights, the focus lights on the counter top or island, etc. You can purchase the decorative lights such as chandelier, pendent lights, etc, later. And two, you need to purchase sturdy yet attractive cabinets from a kitchen cabinet wholesaler.

Now, purchasing lights for your kitchen won’t be a difficult task at all. But yes, purchasing a cabinet could be tricky; after all, it’s the face of the kitchen and it’s that one element that will not only enhance the aesthetics of the kitchen but also, keep it clutter-free and organized. Wondering, why choosing kitchen cabinets is going to be a tricky task? Well, it’s because, when you enter a cabinetry store, you’ll come across two main varieties of cabinets and those are plywood and solid wood cabinets and trust me, you’ll literally be spoilt for choice.

Put an End to Your Confusion between Solid and Plywood Cabinets

However, don’t worry because through this blog, I’ll help you choose the best among these two kinds of kitchen cabinets. So, just keep reading!

  1. Consider the Strength of Both these Cabinets

Before you purchase plywood or solid wood cabinets, the first and foremost thing that you need to do is compare their strength.

First, let’s talk about Plywood cabinets. These cabinets are made up of sheets that have been artificially glued to each other. And usually, in most of the cabinets made of plywood, the ‘Glue shear strength’ is low which results to easy breakage or else, the individual sheets may come off easily. However, I cannot completely blame the glue for its weak nature, the material of the sheets also play a vital role in giving it a massive strength.

Now, coming to the cabinets made of hardwood. When compared to the plywood, cabinets made of hardwood are any day robust and hard to break; after all, it’s a homogeneous material. The strength of these kinds of cabinets also depends a lot on the type of wood. If you want to purchase the strongest wooden cabinets, opt for the ones made of maple, walnut or cherry wood.

  1. Consider their Overall Appeal

Next, you need to judge ply and hardwood on the basis of their appearance. And in this case as well, hardwood cabinets score better than the ones crafted using plywood. Why? Of course, because, they have a natural “grainy factor” and sheen to it which plywood doesn’t have at all. To add grainy effects and a shine to plywood, you need to spend more money to laminate it. So, why choose plywood cabinets when there’s naturally beautiful and classy, wooden cabinets?

Additional: The grain, color and sheen of walnut cabinets are much appreciated by most people. Hence, you purchase it. Oh, wait! There’s another reason why people purchase walnut cabinets and that is because they mellow with time and look even better.

  1. Consider the Amount of Time You have to Spend Maintaining

If you consider the maintenance factor, then plywood definitely steals the show (finally!) because they are easier to maintain than solid wood cabinets. But, if you purchase a cabinet that is crafted using a high-quality, water-resistant wood then maybe, the burden of maintain it could lower a bit.

  • Now, it’s Decision Time!

Well, if you have gone through this blog thoroughly, then you can clearly understand that the ration is 2:1 (2 for hardwood cabinets and 1 for the plywood ones).  Hence, the decision is pretty simple, purchase hardwood cabinets over the ones made of plywood and make your kitchen look beautiful and feel organized. Also, before purchasing a cabinetry set, please make sure you check if it has ample space to store kitchen essentials or not.

Hopefully, this blog was helpful for you all. To know more about kitchen renovation and types of cabinets, keep following my blogs.


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