Kitchen Cabinet – Need to Take into Consideration before Finalising


While you are through with your kitchen renovations, the next step is to choose a suitable set of kitchen cabinets that would perfectly blend with the desired theme of the kitchen and offer a functional value. A kitchen has a lot of items like utensils, cutlery, dishes, spices, stocked food items, etc. that need to be stocked. Kitchen cabinets serve as the storage spaces in the kitchen. Every homeowner has varying stocking needs based on the size of the family, living standards, lifestyles, habits, etc. So, choosing a kitchen cabinet takes a lot of time and consideration.

You may come across several buying guides for choosing kitchen cabinets on the internet. You may think this is one of those guides. Let me tell you, this is not. No guide can tell you how to choose your kitchen cabinets. You are the person who would know better. So, instead of telling you what to buy and how to buy it, I will tell you what options you have.

Every shop and showroom you visit to look for kitchen cabinets, all will have various suggestions and varying pieces of advice to offer. But, keep in mind that all those sellers are just trying to convince you to buy what they have to sell. This may lead to just one thing – you would make a purchase without even knowing all the other options you had to choose from. Eventually, this may lead to you regretting your choice.

cabinet for kitchen

Now, for middle-class people who cannot change their cabinetry on whims, this may be a decision to live by for years. So, to save you from taking wrong decisions while choosing kitchen cabinets, I have made a list of every option that you have at your disposal. This will help you make a suitable choice.

  • Material: Kitchen cabinets are made of various materials. The type of material you choose will not only influence the look of the kitchen but also determine the durability of your cabinetry. Most preferred choices are oak, maple, cherry, and pinewood. Generally, people like their cabinetry to be made out of wood. But sometimes, some people are allergic to a type of wood. So, before finalising a material type, take into consideration wood allergies if any.
  • Stock or custom-made: When you need kitchen cabinets, you will come across several sellers who offer to sell stock cabinets and several who offer to customise design cabinets for your kitchen space. Stock cabinets are manufactured in standard sizes and dimensions. These cabinets are so designed that they can fit into standard-sized kitchens. So, if you have a kitchen large enough to be customizable according to the cabinets you buy, you can go for these. If you get cabinets custom designed, it would cost you more, but the upside is that you get a cabinetry that fits perfectly in your kitchen space and you get to decide the amount of storage space that you would need. When you are low on budget but want custom made cabinets, you can go for semi-custom-made cabinets too.
  • Framed or frameless: This choice depends completely on your taste in style. Framed cabinets have a frame structure with offset hinges. This gives the structure more durability but also makes it slightly bulky. On the other hand, frameless cabinets or European style cabinets, as they are popularly known as, do not have a distinct frame and are made of panels fitted together. Both these types give a distinct look and buyers prefer one over the other based solely on personal style.

When you want to choose the best-suited set of kitchen cabinets for your house, be sure to consider all the choices available to you and only then take a well-informed and well-thought decision.


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