Is It Possible to Recycle Venetian Blinds?


A great many people simply discard old window covers when they supplant those with new ones. Be that as it may, there are a wide range of ways Venetian blinds can be reused and reused. On the off chance that you are a sort of individual who needs to make great utilization of old Venetian blinds, the are a few choices to consider. In this article, we have laid out quite recently a portion of the ways that your old Venetian blinds can be put to great use, from repurposing the blinds into fascinating art activities to different uses, for example, plant markers.

More well-known alternatives, nonetheless, incorporate gift or reusing.


In the event that your Venetian blinds from blinds manufacturers Dubai are made with 100 percent aluminum, they can be taken to any piece metal yard or reusing community for transfer. Before you hurl them in the auto, nonetheless, it is a smart thought to give them a careful cleaning (a fast hose down ought to be adequate). It is additionally essential to take note of that some piece yards won’t acknowledge full blinds – they just need the aluminum and steel parts. To guarantee you get the best value, cut the ropes free from each brace.


On the off chance that you have timber blinds from blinds manufacturers Dubai that have been painted or treated, they can’t be reused. For this situation, you are in an ideal situation giving or upcycling them. In the event that they are still in generally great condition, we certainly prescribe giving them away, as somebody battling monetarily could utilize them. On the off chance that they’re harmed, you could cut the braces up into littler pieces to make plant markers or utilize them to make a herringbone design on furniture, (for example, dresser drawers).

You simply should be innovative to make great utilization of harmed timber blinds.


These blinds are made utilizing a blend of PVC and reused hardwood. Sadly, they can’t be reused as an alternative to maintain a strategic distance from the landfill. In the event that they are still in moderately great condition, we unquestionably prescribe giving them away (the same as what we proposed for blinds made from different materials also).

On the off chance that they’re harmed, you could simply transform the braces into something new. One inventive thought we have seen is to transform the supports into a sunburst reflect.


More often than not, bamboo blinds are not reused as they are typically treated or recolored. The best choice you have with bamboo blinds is to upcycle them. We have discovered the supports sewn together as lampshades, shoreline mats, and positions. As bamboo ordinarily deteriorate rapidly if landfilled, you ought not feel too terrible on the off chance that you decide to landfill them.

Where would i be able to give?

Giving is the most ideal way you can occupy old Venetian blinds from landfills. Particularly if your old Venetian blinds are in great condition, begin by asking your family, companions, and associates. Check on the off chance that anyone is occupied with taking them. On the off chance that you don’t create any intrigue, attempt philanthropies around you. Both ways, you should uninstall them deliberately and make certain not to lose any parts or equipment. Contingent upon the material, give the Venetian visually impaired supports a fast clean with a tidying fabric or even a not too bad shower with a hose. At long last, raise the blinds totally and conveniently wrap up the strings with the goal that they don’t get tangled.

You can drop Venetian blinds from blinds manufacturers Dubai into generosity containers if that is allowed in your area.

Yet, ensure you place them into a refuse pack to keep them from getting tangled or harmed.

Likewise with different items, one thing to request when you buy new blinds is to see whether they have been outlined in view of reusing.


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