Why Is Bathroom Wall-Hung Vanity A Popular Choice?

bathroom wall hung vanity

Off late bathroom wall hung vanity is gaining a lot of popularity. It is best meant for contemporary homes having sleek finishes and styles. If you love contemporary styles of bathrooms and are looking to remodel the bathroom in that manner, you may opt for wall hung sink or vanity. It can create a great impression on others and make the area functional while saving a lot of space. As the bottom of the sink does not rest on the floor, you may easily clean the area. Although it seems to be an easy style, but the cost may be high.

Wall-mounted vanity is also known as floating bath vanity which may do wonders to your bathroom usability and design. There are various reasons for installing such a vanity. Make it the part of bathroom remodeling and see what difference it makes to the personal zone. A well done bathroom is a sure shot way to boost the value of the property while leaving the guests impressed. There may be 5 different kinds of bathroom vanities and the wall-hung vanity is the most popular option. But, before installing this kind of vanity, you need to think about the style of the bathroom and how many people will use the area. Each kind of bathroom vanity among 5 is suitable for different styles of bathrooms.

What Is A Wall-Mounted Vanity?

As the name suggests, the wall-mounted vanity or bathroom wall hung vanity is such a bathroom sink which is hung from the walls and does not rest on the ground. Generally, in the public restroom you will be noticing such a vanity. Within the limited space available, you may accommodate a lot many sinks as the wall-hung sink does not occupy much of space. If you have small kids in the home, you must avoid using a wall hung vanity since children will not be able to access the sink.

wall hung vanity

Top Benefits Of Choosing Bathroom Wall Hung Vanity

If you are inclined to choose wall hung vanity, know that there are several benefits:

  • If you use floating vanity in the bathroom, it implies you are extending the floor onto the walls. So, the bathroom looks spacious and you can make efficient usage of the available space. At the end, you have more usable space to stash pieces such as scale or wall basket
  • When there are no awkward corners or nooks, you can clean the space easily. You will have more space on the floor to clean
  • With the floating vanity, you get a chance to display the storage Zen. Utilize the open shelves under the sink.
  • Choosing wall hung bathroom vanity will let you streamline the bathroom sink. You will attain minimalist look which is elegant in itself. Using wall-hung vanity will seem to highlight the freestanding tubs and other elements.
  • When there is more space on the bathroom floor, it means more space for radiant heat. By hanging up the sink to the walls, you will enjoy more warmth on the floors. Most of the contractors suggest freestanding vanity or floating vanity to prevent any over-heating
  • You may let the vanity soar up to any height. Whether you are tall or short, vanity can be installed as per the ease of accessibility
  • With such vanity, you may proudly display the tilework
  • Floating vanity is  suitable for every family member. You may easily accommodate grandmother’s wheelchair or a toddler’s step stool.

So, it is quite clear that using bathroom wall hung vanity is beneficial. You may call a professional remodeling contractor to do the needful.



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