6 Red Signals that Indicate Your Basement Needs Waterproofing Now!

Basement Waterproofing

If you doubt that your basement is leaking but not really sure of it, then there is no point in delaying at all! You should immediately call a professional who can tell you if it needs immediate attention or not. Why? Well, because it can actually cause severe damage to the basic foundation of your house and as well as decrease the overall property value by leaps and bounds. Other destructions include rapid furniture depreciation, artwork damage, etc.

So, are you still waiting to be sure of the signs that show that your basement requires repairing? If yes, then please keep reading the below-mentioned red signals which shout out “Call a professional now!”

  • Damp, Musty Odour: Since our basement is mainly kept for storing some of our belongings or unused items, it is very common that there will be a dry dusty smell in the room. But, does the smell remind you of your middle school locker room? And is the smell damp and musty? Then, it is the first sign that indicates that you need to waterproof your basement in Toronto immediately.
  • Presence of Mould: Our house is our most precious and beloved investment and thus, one shouldn’t neglect any corner of the house. Keep a check from time to time in order to ensure that it is fit and fine! This is also essential if you are planning to sell your house in the future, as otherwise, you will end up getting poor price offers from the buyers! While running a thorough check, do not forget to check the presence of mould in the basement area. And yes, it does not matter whether it is white, black or green! If there’s mould, you should be worried as a homeowner and start looking for a company immediately.
  • Visible Efflorescence: The next big red alert is the presence of the white chalky substance commonly known as efflorescence on the walls. It is basically the migration of a salt to the surface of a porous material where it forms a coating. This happens in areas where there are cracked walls which let the water in.
  • Bowed Walls: If you notice that there is an inward curve or bulge in your concrete foundation, then this is yet another sign of leakage or water seepage.
  • Cracks in the Walls: Now this one goes without saying and that is to check if there are any cracked walls in the basement area or not. You should also check if there are cracked openings in the floorings. If you cannot find any, then ask one of your family members to do the same in order to be surer. Remember that foundation wall cracks never go away by themselves and you must only consult a specialist for repairing them. And here are two other facts you need to know about wall cracks:
  1. Hairline floor cracks are common sources of water seepage caused by the hydrostatic pressure that is built up below ground.
  2. Generally repairing bigger wall cracks cost more than the hairline ones.
  • Water Marks: Tell me something – do you know how a watermark looks like? If yes, then start your inspection now. And if your answer is a no, then please take the help of the internet and find out what exactly it looks like and then, look out for similar spots in the basement. This happens due to grading problems or exterior sources of infiltration.

Additional Tip: Let me tell you one thing that it is not necessary that you will find all the mentioned signs in your basement. And even if you spot two or three of the signals present, you should take immediate action.

So, these were the six signs which show you need to get in touch with a company for Basement Waterproofing Toronto. And yes, while searching for such a company, do check their credentials, online ratings, services offered, etc so that you get an idea about their work prior hiring them. You should also check if they are direct about providing cost estimation or not. If not, then it will be better to move on to the next company. Thank me later!

Author Bio

Jim Geller is a reliable plumber in Toronto and he writes on various topics such as drainage systems, faucet installation, etc. Here, he talks about the signs which show you need basement waterproofing in Toronto. To know more, read his blogs.


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